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I’ve got big dreams and I cannot lie.

My name is Melissa San Vicente and I’m as passionate and serious about blogging as I am about my diet cheat days (everyday). I’m a User Experience Designer working in a corporate setting with a background in everything from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. I started this blog a few years ago as a way to capture my thoughts and my creativity and it somehow evolved into a style diary and portfolio of sorts. My blog has opened doors for me in ways that I cannot explain. One day, a light turned on and I made a vow to always be excited about the content I push out onto the interwebs – it has remained fun ever since. I feel like I haven’t worked a day in my life and I’m so excited you’re here today. x

Who takes your blog photos? Luis Omar, my Fiance takes all of my photos. He’s as incredible a spouse as he is a photographer (wink). He started by merely playing his part in our relationship and it slowly evolved. He is self-taught and surprises me everyday. He’s my manager, business partner and meets my creative eye even on the worst days. Want to book a sesh with him?

What’s your style like? Labels trump my creativity at all costs. I dabble in both feminine and masculine looks, while refusing to ever be uncomfortable. I’m not afraid of color or taking risks. Much like this blog, my style evolves and adapts to it’s surroundings. There really is no better feeling.

How did you start your blog? Like most, I just did. I didn’t wait until I had the perfect logo or the right audience. I just shot this blog out when it was filled with editorial I could be proud of. I encourage you to not wait another second. I use WordPress, The Adobe Creative Suite and shoot with a Canon Mark III. With patience, time and a shit load of articles online – I have built myself a small business that is all mine. And though I work full-time, I commit my weekends, holidays and free time to keeping this place as kick-ass and inspiring as possible.

How do you feel about sponsored posts? I’m as real as they come. No bullshit. When I first started blogging, I would reach for any opportunity I could get. I thought that by somehow blogging about one of those electric waistband weight loss things I was somehow “making it” and that the money would just be flowing in at any moment. I was wrong. And I know now how much time and effort I put into creating mood boards, styling photoshoots and writing up content for amazing brands. I’m careful about what I represent and always trust my gut. If a brand ever graces the surface of this website, it is because I love them as much as they love me. I feel really grateful to have worked with so many brands that I, at some point in my life, spent my hard-earned money on.

If you still have a burning question to ask me: Holla!