Before the Aisle: Luminess Air / Airbrush Makeup Review


I’ll admit, airbrush makeup always sounded intimidating to me until I tried it. Until I had the chance to work with Luminess Air, I had zero idea about how to apply airbrush makeup, what it felt like or what to expect. So let’s jump into this review and I’ll give you the scoop on airbrush makeup and the Luminess Air Legend System.

If you want more detailed information on how to apply airbrush makeup using the Luminess Air, I love this video from Beauty by Sara.

So, with only 6 months away to wedding time, it’s a no-brainer that I’m already thinking about makeup looks and starting to think about makeup application ideas. Having a destination wedding can be so stressful and finding a makeup artist in a different country can definitely add to the wedding stress. So I decided to give the Luminess Air Legend System a go and jumped in with very little research.



Here’s what I learned:

Get the Basics down: Learn how to assemble the system, turn on and off the machine and how to clean up afterward. I used the Luminess website and found the videos pretty helpful.

Find Your Shade: Use the color closest to your skin tone from the color on the outside of the bottle. You can easily mix between the two shades they send you to create a color that is your own. Spray a small amount near your chin and make sure it matches your neck.

Keep it Simple: Don’t go overboard with spraying. Keep pressure with your finger by pulling the trigger slightly and not all the way back. Imagine you’re tattooing little infinity symbols all over your face (lol) and don’t get too close or you’ll have product build-up everywhere.

Take breaks: It’s easy to get carried away. First thing you know you hit the ON button and next thing you know you’re in full competition with your wedding cake. I know my suggestions may be off from what the original instructions say, but I realized that for a full matte look I ended up using between 9-12 drops of foundation – sometimes a few more for certain areas on my face. Start with 6 and build from there. Stop to take breaks to look in the mirror and make sure the coverage is what you’re looking for.

Do it like the Pros: It only took me a few attempts to get the hang of it. Don’t buy this system and wing it on your wedding day. Understand what applications or techniques look best on your face and learn! Use a few dates nights or GNI (Girl’s Night In) to test it out and make sure you’re prepped for the big day.

When in doubt, do without: If you’re too nervous or uncomfortable to do your makeup on your big day – DON’T. I’ve done my wedding makeup a THOUSAND times and though my routine and tricks are simple, I too know that wedding brain exists (you know, like baby brain.. when pregos get all crazy and forget things? Don’t you shake your head at me – I know it’s a thing). Your special day should be stress-free and if doing your makeup even adds the slightest worry, get a friend’s help or hire a professional.




To leave you with the last bit of advice, I’ve compiled a small list of Pros & Cons to think about before you pull the (airbrush) trigger. Are you laughing? Did I make you laugh? Moving right along.


  • Easy to use
  • FULL coverage, people. Hide ya pimples, hide ya scars, FULL
  • Stay-All-Day formula. Even waterproof mascara wipes had a tough time
  • Mega fancy and super profesh (aka bragging rights)
  • No transfers! I didn’t notice any transfers to my clothing or sign of wear after touching my face (remember you’ll be kissed, you’ll cry, your abuelita will pinch your cheeks, be prepared for anything)


  • Destination wedding plus luggage minus a place to fit the Luminess Air System equals a bad time. Make sure you have space in your checked bag. With all the items you lug around on your wedding day, you can’t forget this one
  • Things might get messy. I am a natural disaster all on my own. I admit the first time I used this system I got too crazy with my infinity circle application and product jumped out of the stylus and onto my shirt
  • Product build-up is REAL. If you are not careful, it is very easy to get carried away and end up looking cakey
  • Cleaning the stylus and system takes a bit of time. I wanted my stylus really clean so I took about 30 minutes to clean everything from starting the water to completely drying everything down. If you’re used to cleaning makeup brushes on the reg, this should be a no biggie for you



With that, I’m super excited to let you know that all of my readers get 20% off their order using my coupon code: 172723253

And because I love you way more than I think you know, I even filmed this look and will be sharing the video on my YouTube channel really soon.

Let me know what you guys think of the looks and if you think you’d give airbrush foundation a try. Think you’d be daring enough to do your makeup on your big day? Let me know! – M

If you want in on the Luminess Air Legend System*: Click here to order one!

Here are some looks that are coming to my YouTube channel VERY soon!




*A big/huge/massive thanks to Luminess Air for sponsoring this post. As with all sponsored content, all opinions are my own (as they should be). I love that my readers allow me to express my opinions in my own way and I furthermore adore brands that think I’m alright. 😉

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