Before the Aisle: Should I Get Lash Extensions?


As I embark down this fluffy and white, Pinterest saturated path of wedding bliss, it feels very normal to get easily sucked into doing things “most brides do.” You know, those traditions that are tucked away in the bride bible along with spray tans, laser hair removal and the plethora of other things brides do before getting hitched? Well, I decided to open up a little column here to talk about said traditions. I’ll fill you in on all things waxed, sprayed, polished, gelled, curled and plucked! You, in turn, come back here and report on anything you’ve tried and maybe even help a fellow bride or just curious creature out. Cool? Let’s jump in.

My girls gush about lashes every chance they get. I honestly didn’t understand the hype because I have pretty thick lashes to begin with and just thought it was another way for me to waste money. Well, I’m about to eat my words and here’s why: Imagine waking up during a vacation (or any day really) and not having to spend a lick of time in front of the mirror packing on the mascara? Imagine getting ready for a night out and spending maybe 15ish on a sultry smokey eye, throw on a liner and you’re out the door. I teamed up with Leticia Arnold of Rise Body Works for my first set of lash extensions and I’m now hooked. There are pros and cons here so let’s break it down to the good stuff.


What you need to know before you go:

Applying lashes can take anywhere from 2-3 hours. So go on your day off, early in the morning on the weekend, or whenever you need 2-3 hours of zen time.

Take a shower or wash your face before hand because you will not be able to apply water to your face for a FULL 24 hours afterward. Not even get in the shower where there will be mist. This is the most important thing.

Oil-based anything is killer. The oils can breakdown the adhesive keeping those pretties fastened to your lashes. Don’t you do it!

Waterproof makeup is also a no-no. These products lock onto your lashes and make cleaning a huge pain.

Don’t rub your eyes! I’ll list a little trick I used for this below.

If you do decide to use mascara (which why would you?!) then it has to be lash extension safe. During my last few days of lash wear, I used Stila’s huge extreme lash mascara. Again, not necessary but if you must.

When you’re washing your face, build the product into your hand before you apply to your face. Gently wash your lashes brushing down – not side-to-side. Instead of putting your face directly into the stream of water during a shower, cup your hands and splash your face with water (you know like in those cheesy commercials). After a shower, pat your face dry and even hold the towel on your eyes for a few seconds to soak up any excess water.

Get the little spoolies – they come in handy! You can get a spoolie (a basic looking mascara wand) from Sephora, Ulta, or even most department beauty counters. These are great for brushing out your lashes, fixing certain lashes that are turned, or even to just separate lashes that clump together.

When lashes are applied, you’re put under a huge magnifying glass and each individual lash is glued onto your existing lash (not your eyelid which is a common misconception). This glue is typically harmless and there are glues out there that sometimes even make your real lashes grow but there are always sketchy places out there. Read the reviews and make sure their lash glue is right for you.

Normally the Esthetician will base the amount of lashes you need off of your natural lash (so if you have sparse, thin lashes you will want to keep a similar look but only longer or fuller so that it looks natural). You can have anywhere between 80/100/120 lashes applied on each eye.





I kid you not, your makeup routine goes down by 10-12 mins.

Instant slaying when you wake up – DO YOU HEAR ME?! Instant slay.

Full, fluffy lashes with a length that’s tapered at the corners keep your eyes wide and looking awake

No falsies – dear god yes!

Lashes can last you up to 8 weeks and you can go back for a refill after about 3-4 weeks





They’re pricey. Do your research in your area. Get a referral. Read reviews. ’tis all I can say.

You cannot rub your eyes. I wear contacts and if you do too then you know that glorious moment when your contacts come off and you rub your eyes so hard you swear your eyeball will pop out of it’s socket. My trick around this was to close my eyes, tilt my head down (think double chin) and use one finger to rub in the crease of my eye. Maybe not as glorious but definitely as effective!

These girls are high maintenance! You don’t just scrub, touch, dry or handle your face the same as you normally would.

It’s a lengthy process. 2-3 hours gone!


The verdict is in, Ladies & Gentleman:

Lash Extensions are a GO! I will 12,000% be getting these before we say “I do” and although I don’t think it’s feasible to get every few months (remember we have a wedding venue to pay for), I do think it is worth every single penny for the big day.

I would like to give a HUGE thank you to Leticia Arnold of Rise Body Works for sponsoring this post because without it I would have nothing to report on and to Nikol Elaine Makeup Artistry for her in-cred-ible talent behind the makeup brush. Girlbosses all around!

Nikol used The Balm Cosmetics in the Meet Matte Trimony Eye Palette for my eyes and Mary-Lou Manizer for my cheeks. If you haven’t tried these products you’re completely missing out!




So that was a fun little wedding post, right? What do you think of lash extensions? Have you tried them before? Let me know what’s goin’ on in the comments below. Besos!

Oh and all opinions are my own, duh.

Contact Leticia here | Contact Nikol Elaine here

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  • Penelope

    I’m going to agree that they are great because they look great on you. And they will definitely help on “the day of” because it will get a bit hectic. So any time you can shave off is great. With all that being said, I think I would only do it for a major event like being IN a wedding. We all know I wouldn’t have the patience to do all that maintenance.