Editorial 03: A Natural State

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I can't even type. I can't explain what runs through my blood when I have a vision for an editorial and Land EXECUTES. I often dream of these misty wonderlands. Where the grass is green, the flowers are in bloom and the mist creates water droplets. I don't know where my fascination with water droplets [...]

Editorial 02: Gloss or Grain

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Whenever I'm inspired by magazine editorials, I'm always interested in the medium in which they're produced. Sometimes I rip pages out of glossy mags and stash them in a binder for later inspo, but then I come across the dark and grainy photographs that I wouldn't dare tear. Why? What is it about the way [...]

GRWM: Holiday Party 2015

By | 2017-04-05T11:45:17+00:00 November 9th, 2015|Beauty, MELSANV TV|

I'm so excited to be back in the YouTube game! Today you're going to kick it with me while I get ready for my first holiday party of 2015. A little nude lid and ombre lip go so far this season. Let me know what party looks you're loving in the comments! - M

Style 59

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One of our favorite weekend hangs has to be at Lake Merritt in Oakland. On top of the cutest and best restaurants in the East Bay, we love to just sit and people watch. One thing I admit that has changed for us since moving from Florida is just to see the daily people interactions [...]

Monthly Favorites: May 2015

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I have to admit that working at Sephora is both amazing and pocket-draining. When I'm not talking to a client about this face mask she's about to purchase that "removed a dark mark she's had for years" I'm listening in on co-workers naming their go-to mascaras and lipsticks. Every corner I turn there is something [...]

Holiday Sparkle with Nikol Elaine Makeup Artistry

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I am so grateful to know and love Nikol from Nikol Elaine Makeup Artistry. She is not only a friend and sweetheart but she is one kick-ass makeup artist. I love her makeup skills for two reasons; 1. Her skills focus on natural beauty and achieving an ultimate inner glow that not every makeup artist [...]

Birchbox Baby Vol 1

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For those of you that don't know, Birchbox is a magical subscription that comes to your house every month (in a box *gasp*) filled with goodies! The newest and best products on the market, all based on your skincare regimens, skin type, age, etc. I swear I could be a spokesperson for this with how [...]