Spotify Playlist: VIBE

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Hi beauties! It's been a crazy ass week and I'm fully on board to just winding down and taking a nap today - but we have work to do and you know I'm a sucker for a great playlist to keep me going and motivated. I've been listening to this playlist non-stop. Some new artists [...]

Spotify Playlist: FAUX

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Last year I loved collecting music and compiling them in these Spotify playlists for you. To tell you the truth, it sometimes takes me months to curate a good playlist because I spend hours really thinking about the songs and the order they're played in. Then I listen through the whole playlist one more time [...]

Wallpaper Download: Writings On the Wall

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Well my friends.. the weekend was short and we still have a full week ahead. And I don't care if you're into or believe the whole mercury retrograde nonsense but SERIOUSLY.. 2 blown tires in one week says I can blame the universe to my heart's content. Take it or leave it. And I don't [...]

Spotify Playlist: TRIP

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It's about that time I share another one of my coveted playlists. I called this one "Trip" because it's exactly what happens when I start playing... I'm either on the road, lost in designing or just zoning out. I love sharing these with you guys because I feel like we get a little sense of [...]

#MondayMuse: Mindy Kaling

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It's no freakin' surprise that Mindy Kaling is one of my favorite comedians. Luis and I watch her show, The Mindy Project religiously and I just finished her last book, "Why Not Me?" and it was perfection. I couldn't just pass up on the chance to feature my true everyday muse with a few backgrounds [...]

#MondayMuse: Nailah Ali of The Moda Intersection

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I had the chance of meeting Nailah (a fashion blogger and creative marketer living in Detroit) in NYFW this year and have followed her through social media ever since. I watched closely as she turned her hustle into a real work of art. Merely months after NYFW, Nailah kicked life in the ass by making [...]

#MondayMuse: Julianne Cronin of The Wink Blog

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I decided to kick-off this column as a source of inspiration and chance to meet women in the community that work hard, take chances, and really kick ass when it comes to "making it!" Fortunately, blogging has provided me with the opportunity to meet so many young and inspiring females and I'm constantly wondering to [...]

Spotify Playlist: Werk

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It's that time for another Spotify playlist (click here to go straight to the playlist). I tend to hoard these playlists for awhile because I keep finding songs that I love and never know when to stop adding, but I can't hold out anymore - YOU NEED this in your life. I hope this playlist [...]

Spotify Playlist: Feels

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I'm a true sucker for Spotify playlists. I've had spotify for years now and it's the one bill I don't mind paying because it heavily used every single day. I'm constantly making playlists for different moods, different occasions, and mixes I can go to for a spirit lift. I grew up in a house that [...]