Maybelline ColorSensational Shaping Lip Liner Swatches + Review

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Annnnnnnnd we're back with another makeup product swatch and review! I always love trying out Maybelline products because I feel like having knowledge about high and low priced makeup products makes for a very knowledgable makeup expert (winks). I raved about the 24k nudes eye shadow palette because it really was the first eye shadow [...]

10 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Wedding Costs

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So the big day is approaching and you're getting ready to reduce your wedding costs? Well, I'm here to hold your hand and coach you through all of the mistakes and financial epiphanies I had while planning our wedding. So, before we start hacking away at all of your new-found savings, I'm going to fill [...]

NYFW Fall/Winter 2017 Vlog

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Getting to attend New York Fashion Week for the first time in the Fall/Winter season was definitely a challenge but 100% worth it. I feel so lucky to have covered so much goodness backstage and really made some incredible connections this time around. I can't wait to see Spring/Summer looks in September. Huge thanks to [...]

DIY: At Home Chrome Nails

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I caught wind of the chrome nails trend on instagram and hopped on that pretty little wagon because, HELLO? CHROME. NAILS. I was intrigued by a few brands but found this Mirano Pigment set local and figured I'd give it a shot! I've listed the tools + instructions below. Have you tried the chrome nail [...]

August Vlog: South Lake Tahoe

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I've only been a Californian for 2 years now and we finally made it a point to get out to Lake Tahoe. I have to say that California has really opened my eyes to nature and has challenged me to do things outside of my comfort zone. Living in Florida practically all of my life, [...]