Style 78: Shade + Light

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I'm trying something a little different with my blog posts lately. I've been testing my design and editing skills. Getting weird. Editing and cropping differently. To be honest, I am so over the stand there and pose methods of old-school blogging that I've been doing for years. I'd pick a cute outfit, find a nice [...]

Style 76: H&M Bustier + Skirt with Appliqués

By | 2017-04-05T11:45:15+00:00 June 28th, 2016|Style, Style Finds|

HOLY SUMMER. IT. IS. HOT! Last weekend, I took all but 2.2 seconds to realize that I needed this H&M set in my life. I used to start my Saturday routine with coffee and finding myself lost in a little retail therapy... cue in #weddingbudget and I've been hungry for all kinds of shopping that [...]

Style 75

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The sun has been here to stay in the Bay, baby! I shot this outfit with a leather jacket thinking, "it's going to be cold" (because shit it always is) and it didn't make it to the end. Anyways, lately I've been really into keeping things simple when I style an outfit. Probably because it [...]

Style 73: #itsbanana

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Is it Summer yet? Even after being here for two years, I am still a Floridian after all! We've been having some interesting weather here in the East Bay. From rainy and cold to dry and hot, my skin and my outfits have endured enough! Maybe you're already prepped for Summer with your colorful outfits [...]

Style 71

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It's a new month and a brand new Monday, babes! Between wedding planning and starting a new career chapter, my favorite moments to be creative come from styling an outfit. I've worked in a corporate world for some time now and I love the challenge in finding an outfit that fits me both personally and [...]

Style 68

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Wait, what? It's 2016! Can't even type these words.. we have 2 weeks left of January (insert rolling eyes emoji)!!! 2015 honestly felt like it was ripped- no pried out of my hands so it's no surprise I'm taking advantage of every weekend and day off possible this year. I've been working through a lot [...]

Old Navy Style: Winter Neutrals

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This weekend, Luis and I went out to pick our real Christmas tree! It's always something I look forward to but this year is a little different because my family is visiting from Florida for 2 weeks. We circled around the lot... and circled... and circled. We always get the beautiful fluffy, hunter green christmas [...]

Old Navy Style: Coolin’ in Culottes

By | 2017-04-05T11:45:16+00:00 December 8th, 2015|Style, Style Finds|

Summer came and went. Culottes came and went - only this time I'm showing you how to extend the life of those beloved culottes with a little style tip on wearing them for Fall and Winter. It is no doubt that when chili season rolls around I can be found sporting opaque tights in every [...]

Style 65: #SpanxStyle

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I go through this wear-all-black-all-the-time phase every so often. Usually when it's colder. Usually when I'm so over everything in my closet it's like a silent protest my body does. And ALWAYS when I'm in doubt of what to wear. So I was going through that time of my life again when I nearly had [...]