Style 41

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You guys know I'm pretty casual and "safe" with my looks. I tend to not wear anything too short, too low cut, or revealing simply because that has never been my style. But lately I am becoming more and more comfortable with how far I can push my boundaries and seeing where I will allow [...]

Style 39

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Let’s just say that I’m obsessed with The Walking Dead. I watch the show religiously and I’m always fasinated by the characters’ outfits and how they always manage to look so cool while slaying walkers. There’s something about Michonne that I love so much. She has the right amount of heart and badassery that makes [...]

Style 38

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As you guys may know, Oscar de la Renta passed this week and it absolutely broke my heart. I’ve stalked his looks during fashion week and would sit around just waiting for @oscarprgirl to post another inside look into his wonderful world. Like many of you, I am honored to have witnessed Oscar’s incredible eye [...]

Style 37

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This fall, I’m really into pastels – STILL. I feel like a lot of my summer clothes are going to easily transition into winter this season with the right accessories! One thing I’m really digging is color faux leather. I love leather jackets to begin with but lately the pops of color make every outfit [...]

Style 35

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Today’s Style post is pretty exciting because I get to announce that I’m now a brand ambassador for The Petite Shop’s Sourcery! In light of Fashion Week, The Petite Shop launched Sourcery which is a new, fan-funded way for petites to shop online! By signing up with Sourcery, you can now shop from amazing designers [...]

Style 32

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If you haven’t guessed by now, I get real excited about basics. Stripes. Black and White. I love simple items that can carry you through the seasons. One of the reasons I am always wearing black! It’s so chic all year round and is (hello) slimming of course! So when PopBasic sent me this cute [...]

Style 27

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Lately I’ve been doing a lot of the “what if” and “but how” – I get what I like to call “the funk” from time to time and there’s really no stopping it. It’s basically myself being a real jerk to… well, myself. Do you ever feel like sometimes you are your own bully? We [...]

Style 24

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The best part of being close to the city is that we always get a chance to swing by during the weekends and find the BEST places to shoot. Not to mention Dim Sum and awesome shopping finds. I’m loving it here more and more everyday. Here’s an outfit I threw together for an event on [...]

Brownie and Madam Optical Co

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I had the pleasure of meeting Nik and Alpa Shroff of Brownie and Madam during a fabulous networking brunch at The Phoenix Hotel in San francisco. Not only did I get a chance to meet some amazing blogger ladies, I got to really hear the passion behind Nik and Alpa’s Story. As a girl who [...]