Style 13

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I hope you’re spending this sweater weather bundled up or inside with your feet up. In approximately 24 hours I’ll be jet setting to our mini vacation.. expect the typical margarita-during-the-sunset selfies. They’re going to happen! For this style post, I couldn’t wait one more second to style these Sam Edelman Gold Oxfords. I also [...]

Style 12

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This weekend Luis and I took a backseat to all festivities and really vegged out. We’ve been trying to really use the weekends to regroup and focus on our goals for the year. We’ve been addicted to a little place called Samaria Cafe in Downtown Tampa (featured post coming soon). We’ve been there more times [...]

Wake Up We’re Dreaming

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Today I got the most exciting news! Luis surprised me with a trip to Cancun, Mexico for my birthday! I can’t even remember the last time I’ve been there. It’s going to be so nice to finally get “away” for a few days and just UNWIND. My design programs are the first to tell you [...]

Style 10

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When these pajamaesque Harem pants came on the scene, I have to say that a little part of me died inside… I knew I loved them but was terrified of how they’d look on me. I tend to not do so well with baggy pants, but I gave it a shot! I’m SO glad I [...]

Style 08

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The other day, while heading out to Walmart during my lunch break, a friend jokingly shouted “While you’re there, find me an outfit!” I took her joke a little seriously and decided to create a post to show that you’re able to find fashion (and at fantastic prices) just about anywhere! It’s all about knowing [...]

Style 07

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In lieu of tonight’s opening game, it only seemed right to do this week’s style post in Chicago Bulls gear! I found this comfortable pullover from Forever21 (surprised, huh?) and knew I wasn’t going to just throw it on with jeans. I’ve been to a basketball game before and the common misconception for women is [...]

Camo Cameo

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While in Gainesville one weekend, Luis picked me up this perfect camo jacket on sale at PacSun for a mere $15! We typically have such different taste in clothing.. but I knew I was going to love it when I was already putting outfits together in my head before I even put it in. I [...]

Style Finds: Jeweliq

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Before my San Fran trip, I did a little due diligence and hunted for vintage shops and boutiques to check out. While surfing the net, I came across an ecommerce website named Jeweliq. They're based out of San Francisco, but all of their pieces can be purchased online at exceptional prices. Think Stella & Dot, [...]

Gone Studded

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So.. I’m in a bit of a pickle. I’ve been secretly craving a pair of studded Peep Toes a la Steve Madden (swoon). I’ve seen these pop up all over again like it’s none of Ed Hardy’s business. Fact of the matter, should these studded/bedazzled puppies be shoved back in the closet, or is this [...]

University of Oxford

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Can there be a law that you can’t leave the house without these? Soooo (incredibly) infatuated with the color blocking. Thank goodness we have yet ANOTHER season to mis-match and play with color. Another Steve Madden edition. But fret not, these beauties can be found for a sweeter price here and here. […]