Old Navy Style: Winter Neutrals

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This weekend, Luis and I went out to pick our real Christmas tree! It's always something I look forward to but this year is a little different because my family is visiting from Florida for 2 weeks. We circled around the lot... and circled... and circled. We always get the beautiful fluffy, hunter green christmas [...]

Old Navy Style: Coolin’ in Culottes

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Summer came and went. Culottes came and went - only this time I'm showing you how to extend the life of those beloved culottes with a little style tip on wearing them for Fall and Winter. It is no doubt that when chili season rolls around I can be found sporting opaque tights in every [...]

NYFW Recap: Outtakes Part I

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Being at NYFW was SUCH a cool expereince and I shared a few recaps here, here, and here. But some of the best memories I have come from our pre-work! The prep work, if you will. Stacey, Christina and I put together a cool media kit and had a professional video made to pitch to [...]

Style 65: #SpanxStyle

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I go through this wear-all-black-all-the-time phase every so often. Usually when it's colder. Usually when I'm so over everything in my closet it's like a silent protest my body does. And ALWAYS when I'm in doubt of what to wear. So I was going through that time of my life again when I nearly had [...]

MELSANV.COM Gets A Facelift

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I can't believe it's here! IT'S FINALLY HERE. I get to share my mini masterpiece and something I've been working on for MONTHS - MELSANV.COM is officially facelifted, guys. I spent probably way too much time obsessing over every little piece of this website and I'm so. damn. excited. it's over.... for now. I wanted [...]

Cuyana Style: #FewerBetterGifts

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And just like that - the holidays are here and the year has zipped passed us once again! The temps are perfect for trench wearing and I've learned to layer just about everything. But one thing that's a constant - my accessories. I'm a big believer in investing more where your outfit needs to shine [...]

Style 64

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One little phrase (and I know my best friend who is probably reading this and well aware I am not a Beyonce fan - get over it - will text me immediately after this to tell me that deep down I am actually a fan when I can assure her that I am not) really [...]

Guy Style: Step It Up

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Look who is making a cameo today! Luis has always been my guy style muse. He's always willing to try crazy and new things. He has slowly crept to the dark side and now shares an addiction to shoes. He tries to deny that he's worse than I am but who is he kidding - [...]

Timbuk2 FEMME Launch Party + Commuter Style

By | 2017-04-05T11:45:17+00:00 November 2nd, 2015|Style|

Living and working in the East Bay, my commute might only be all but 12 minutes but I can totally appreciate a feminine and well thought out commuter bag that is both functional and chic. So I was stoked when Christina and I attended Timbuk2's private launch party not too long ago where I got [...]

NYFW Recap: Better Suited

By | 2017-04-05T11:45:17+00:00 October 28th, 2015|Style|

For the last segment of my NYFW Recap, I wanted to share my last day in NY and ultimately about taking chances for yourself. Christina, Stacey and I planned our trip MONTHS in advance. We were excited to have been invited to so many shows and to have made so many incredible connections. From the [...]