Weekend Trips: Oxford Exchange

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There aren't many things I regret in life, but if there were one it would be to have blogged about more about where I grew up — FLORIDA! I lived in Naples, FL for about 18 years until moving to Tampa for college. Tampa is still very much a home away from home for me [...]

Weekend Trips: Sausalito

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We’re finding that it’s so easy to “get away” in California by just taking mini weekend trips with friends. We headed out to Sausalito which is in the San Francisco Bay Area in Marin County. We’d visited before but didn’t get a chance to take pictures. There are tons of little shops and foodie places [...]

Oasis Sens Resort Review

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Traveling to Mexico has to be one of the most invigorating trips we’ve ever taken. For me, mostly because every time I’ve ever been in Mexico it has always been to visit family. I never fully got to do the “tourist” thing and venture off on on my own. I was always really young, so [...]

Travel Bug

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Last year I was blessed with so many opportunities to travel. Many for days at a time and some for just the weekend. Most of the time I wait until the night before to pack (hello, Capricorn) and it usually leaves me running around my room with piles of "yes" and piles of "yes!" It [...]