Weekend Trips: Viansa Sonoma Winery

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I had a chance to visit Viansa Sonoma last month and had a blast hanging with the girls, drinking and taking photos. The property sits right up against Sonoma creek and the views are incredible. It was so sweet for Viansa Sonoma to invite us and cater to us for the day. We had a [...]

NYFW Recap: Outtakes Part II

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Dang... and just like that my NYFW recaps have come to an end. In this last behind-the-scenes recap, Stacey, Christina and I headed to the Lola Creative Agency studios to shoot our video pitch for #SfBloggersTakeNYFW. We got to work with Julian Edward who has worked with The Weeknd, Wiz Khalifa, and has an amazing [...]

NYFW Recap: Outtakes Part I

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Being at NYFW was SUCH a cool expereince and I shared a few recaps here, here, and here. But some of the best memories I have come from our pre-work! The prep work, if you will. Stacey, Christina and I put together a cool media kit and had a professional video made to pitch to [...]

Weekend Trips: Boston, MA

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Luis and I had such an awesome time in Boston with his family. I have to admit that we do miss having Dominican food in SF. There is something to be said for damn good sancocho and mangu. Luckily, Luis' mom could open her own restaurant with her eyes closed standing on her head and [...]

Weekend Trips: Oxford Exchange

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There aren't many things I regret in life, but if there were one it would be to have blogged about more about where I grew up — FLORIDA! I lived in Naples, FL for about 18 years until moving to Tampa for college. Tampa is still very much a home away from home for me [...]