Spotify Playlist: Feels


I’m a true sucker for Spotify playlists. I’ve had spotify for years now and it’s the one bill I don’t mind paying because it heavily used every single day. I’m constantly making playlists for different moods, different occasions, and mixes I can go to for a spirit lift. I grew up in a house that always had music playing (from my mom cleaning to Merengue or my brothers making beats) so it always calms me and makes me feel less anxious when I can zone out for a few and let nostalgia kick in for a little. I started a playlist called “feels” (find it here) because I can’t imagine listening to a song and not feeling something. Feeling emotional, energetic, like I want to run for miles or stay in bed all day. I find that when I’m feeling anxious, I can always find my balance in life by tuning out the world and regaining a little brain power. This playlist has a little of everything that makes me FEEL. The 1st and last track are my top favorites right now and I’ve shamelessly had them on repeat all day today. I’ll be sure to add more tracks as I feel the need. Remember to find time for yourself daily to reset and bring balance back to your life, babes. x M.

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