Femme Fair: What a Little #GRLPWR Can Do

Getting to finally blog about this event that I’ve been keeping relatively secret is beyond exciting! Femme Fair is an event thrown by SF Bay Area bloggers and local artisans to come together and celebrate Women’s history month, while also sharing to a great cause! It started as this idea that Stacey had about having a “blogger garage sale” sometime last year and while chatting it up with Christina (in our usual blogger group chat), that idea turned into a full-blown female empowerment event with 7 local bloggers and a ton of amazing sponsors and vendors overnight.

That little idea sparked a hustle in us that we didn’t know existed. We knew that there needed to be something more to the event than just selling blogger clothes. We really wanted to make an impact and donate to a cause that we were all passionate about. After attending the Women’s March early this year, I knew exactly where I wanted the funds to go and I was so thankful that Stace and CC shared the same idea. We decided that a portion of the proceeds from the event would go to Planned Parenthood.

When I try to think about how we pulled it off, all that comes to mind is a 2am Google hangouts session where Stacey, Christina and I had to design the event flyer in one night, shouting and laughing at each other as Christina moved things from left to right in Illustrator. “Move that a little to the left. Right align! Can you add a space after the period? The balance is off. How do we fit this many bloggers on one flyer?” LOL. After 10,000 revisions and a full brand that came to life over night, the flyer was complete and we were ready to start promoting the event.

The days that led up to the event felt like a blur. I swear it felt like we planned for our wedding and some how we made it out alive, just smiling and floating on cloud 9 wondering how the heck we pulled it off. Let me tell you a little secret about how we did it: you. The people reading our blogs who spread the word about the event. Our friends and family who came out beforehand to help us setup and who stayed hours afterward to help us clean. All of the amazing attendees who came out to show support, who laughed and smiled in our beautiful selfie station (designed by Claire Xue) and shopped the event. The sponsors, vendors and bloggers who believed in our idea without a picture or point of reference in sight. And the incredible MEN who believed and supported our idea from the beginning, who helped us carry a vintage vespa up 3 flights of stairs, and who stood by our blogger’s sides during pictures and making sales. It really does take a TEAM and I’m so thankful to each and every person that helped in our event.

A super special shoutout to my hubby and partner in crime, #landofries. I don’t think I can mention every single aspect of your efforts but I can say that my heart beats a little louder knowing that you had my back even when you were trying to sleep next to a crazed monster up at 3am every night with all of the lights on and our house looking like an Amazon shipping center. YOU THE REAL MVP. I love you, Luis.

ENOUGH yapping, LOOK at this freaking space. The beautiful Yonce inspired photo booth design and every single detail. I am just disgusted with this amount of creativity. YUCK! Okay, enjoy. Please leave your love in the comments and thank you again for everything. This is definitely NOT the last you’ve heard of #FemmeFair and if you want to know more about future Femme Fair events, be sure to follow us on Instagram.

Want to be apart of the next Femme Fair or see Femme Fair in your city? You can email us here: femmefair@gmail.com

Until next time! Peace love and MUCHO #GRLPWR,
Mel, Stacey and Christina

Event by: Stacey Ann Loves, Closet Luxe, MELSANV

Participating Bloggers:
Alyssa of alyssa-nicole.com
Alyson of beauty-vanity.com
Amanda of advicefromatwentysomething.com
Carlina of allergictovanilla.com
Christina of closet-luxe.com
Eda of luxeandlinen.com
Kristen of stylenik.com
Melissa of melsanv.com
Sarah of sassyredlipstick.com
Stacey of staceyannloves.com

Aperol Spritz & Mimosa Bar: Campari America

Ice Cream: Three Twins Ice Cream

Photographer: Nanette Wong

Videographer: Aylmer Abrea

Venue: Awake via Peerspace

Selfie Station & Wall of Empathy: Claire Xue
Balloons: North Star Balloons
Vespa: Bellomoto
Florals: ampersand

Macarons: Bake-No-Fake
Halo Halo Milk: The Sarap Shop
Juices: Organic Girl
Character Macarons: Ketsourine Macarons
Cotton Candy Cones: Y.so.sweet
Salads: Sweet Green

Braid Bar: Morphic
DJ: DJ ThatGirl
Clothing: Alyssa Nicole
Handbags: Cuyana
Jewelry: Katie Dean Jewelry
Succulents: Bloomsgiving
Macrame: Claranlily
Temporary Tattoos: Krome Body

Bloomsgiving, Cuyana, Dreamy Presets, Feetz, JINS, Katie Dean Jewelry, MELSANV MADE, Rebecca Minkoff, Sugarfina

Aloha, Bare Snacks, bkr, Conscious Coconut, Cocofloss, Colorescience, Cukui, DHC, Feetz, H2O+ Beauty, Jinsoon, Krome Body, Luxie Beauty, Marula Oil, MELSANV MADE, Minted, Noir Lash Lounge, Rebecca Minkoff, ShopStyle, Uforia Studios

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  • We are hustlas 4 LYFE! So glad we did this together!

    • Melissa

      “A diva is a female version of a HUSTLA!” 😉

  • VERY VERY VERY good job SEES!!! Nice seeing the fly tees make a cameo 😉