Flower Eyewear: Why I’m Glad I Wear Glasses

I started wearing contacts before I started wearing glasses. Weird right? I started wearing contacts when I turned 10. I remember going into Walmart with my mom for my vision test and sure as shit, I needed glasses (badly). The glasses that I wanted (which were pink of course) wouldn’t be in until another 2 1/2 weeks and I just couldn’t wait another second. So, off I went with my contact lens trial, walking into walls and blinking like crazy trying to get used to seeing clearly. I didn’t realize how much I would end up liking glasses until the day that they were ready for pick-up. I always imaged this as a normal thing and that most people just started with contacts. So, wearing my glasses was always such a special moment for me!

Fast forward 18 years and here we are, still a stunning, 4-eyed freak and loving it. I guess by this time, most people my age invest in Lasik or ditch the glasses altogether and commit to contacts. Even though I have my tried and true pair of black frames that I’ve had for YEARS, I love having options to wear throughout the week – especially ones that have a little pick-me-up to them. I find that glasses give me this sort of confidence and comfort at the same time. Sometimes, when I wear contacts I feel like I’m just blending in. When I wear my glasses I feel like I have an alter ego that I get to be for a day. Because glasses have a tendency to hide the eyes, I throw on extra mascara on the outer corners of my lashes and add a little pop of highlight to the inner corners of my eyes. You have to love a good makeup trick! Try: Lancome Mascara and Becca Opal Highlight

I heard of Flower Eyewear through a connection via NYFW and when they reached out to see if I wanted to take these new frames for a spin, my answer was a no-brainer. Flower is a company owned by Drew Barrymore, which shares a message of empowerment and optimism and she launched this eyewear collection from it. I love the line and think the styles are so flattering for women. I’m rocking the Lucy frames and Sheila Sunnies. What do you think of these? You guys were very supportive of the pink frames on Instagram Stories, so I’m going to get my lenses put in ASAP.

Also, what are your thoughts about this sort of post? I was so inspired by this floral typography treatment and I knew I wanted to use it for an editorial piece. I decided to create my own Floral Eyewear campaign. I love the shadows of the type and the florals are an obvious nod to the brand. I’m so into this color sitch, too. Summer just seeping at the seems, my friends.

Have an amazing week, babes!

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  • Cuuuute love the pics Mel! We’re still on pink fever!

  • You are SO danged creative it’s absurd. I started out with glasses, not contacts, but I recall wishing I wasn’t blind af ugh! That was at the tender age of around 9. Now, I just got two pairs of new glasses, and I’m like, contacts who? Hahahaha, love this post, and you. <3