MELSANV.COM Gets A Facelift


I can’t believe it’s here! IT’S FINALLY HERE. I get to share my mini masterpiece and something I’ve been working on for MONTHS – MELSANV.COM is officially facelifted, guys. I spent probably way too much time obsessing over every little piece of this website and I’m so. damn. excited. it’s over…. for now. I wanted to make my site cleaner, easy to navigate and mobile friendly. I hope some of my hard work payed off and that you’ll be able to notice the slight improvements on here. My main goal in doing this was to really prepare my blog for bigger and better things. Like, shopping and finding what you’re looking for. Or custom pages. My old one was far outdated and made me cringe every time I looked at the header. How cool is it that I don’t have to touch this website for another year (or two)? The single column and clean lines make me so so happy. Bigger images and so much more room for activities (did we just become best friends? haha). Let’s keep growing and kicking ass together, yes? Also, I tried to not make a huge deal about it because it really makes me sad that time is flying THIS FAST but MELSANV.COM also turned another year older. Okay, we ripped off the bandaid. We’re getting older guys and there’s not a damn grey hair in sight that will prove it! 😉 Thank you for rocking with me for so long. I really, really love you.












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