MELSANV MADE: The Amy and Jazmin Handbag

I’m so excited to share 2 more handbags with you today! Each bag has her own story and I’ve been worked up all week hoping that I do my girls justice. They’re both so special to me and I hope you love them! Leave me a comment and let me know which handbag fits your personality best.




Meet the Amy handbag! Amy is my cousin and I grew up with her – we were even baby roommates when our parents lived together at one point. This girl was by my side on my wedding day and she’s seen every little detail of my life. Amy has been apart of my life since I’ve known how to walk and it’s the reason I chose her handbag to be one that felt more like a companion more than a handbag.

Amy is a fighter in her own right. She’s compassionate and sweet. Her amazing heart is what makes her so special. I’ve admired Amy’s strength for so long. When dealt with a obstacle, this girl pulls through with flying colors and she’s on the other side wondering where you’ve been the whole time. During the moments that she needs a shoulder to lean on, she’s the one asking you if you’re okay.

I chose white for the base of the bag because Amy’s last name is “White” in Spanish and I love that white symbolizes a sense of calm and purity. Her vibrant blue flowers symbolize a love story far longer than I have time to tell, but seeing the colors together – you just know that she’s the kind of girl who’s always smiling on the outside. The Amy bag is the kind of bag you need when you’re ready for a fresh start. The perfect bag to jump into Spring and to start a new chapter. You’ll want to take the Amy handbag with you when you’re traveling to visit family, out seeing the world and checking things off your bucket list, or to family night where you plan on kicking everyone’s ass in a game of Balderdash. I hope the Amy handbag brings light into your life and a breath of fresh air – she has certainly been a guiding light in mine.


The Jazmin handbag is for my girly girls! Jaz, for short, is my goddaugther and even though she lives on the other side of the country, I feel like when we talk no time has passed at all. Jazmin is a firecracker and ready to whoop some serious ass in a game of volleyball on any day of the week. She’s not afraid to ask the tough questions. She’s smart and sweet, but never lets anyone fool her. Jaz is young and free spirited, she’s kind and funny, she’s every girl’s BFF.

I picked a hot pink mini because “though she be but little, she is fierce!” The distressed metallic details tell you she’s the life of the party. When you walk into a room with the Jazmin handbag everyone is turning. Her gold accents nod to an edgy side and her bright florals keep things fresh and youthful.

The Jazmin bag is meant to be a mini because it means that she’s small and powerful. Carry the Jazmin bag with you to soccer practice where she’s safe and sound in your duffle bag and then pull her out, put on those heels and go out dancing with your girls. I love the lemon detail because it reminds me of this sort of sass that Jaz has. She’s witty and quick with a comeback and she always has me laughing. I know this girl will be the ultimate sidekick!

So, tell me! Which bag do you feel fits with your personality most? I have a few more bags to reveal this week. Don’t forget! You can purchase the Ileana, the Amy, AND the Jazmin handbag @ my booth by attending Femme Fair this Saturday. You can get your tickets here. I hope to see you soon!






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