MELSANV MADE: The Julie and Alma Handbag


This post today hits so close to home because without these women I would quite literally not be here today. With all of the insane love and support this week, I wanted to end the week with an introduction to two women that I hold so close to my heart.

Meet the Alma handbag!

Alma is the name of my abuelita (grandmother). She’s tiny, gentle, has a beautiful heart and helped my mom raise four kids. My abuela was the kind of women who always had a plan. She knew what time my abuelo was getting home and would time dinner perfectly. She would save buttons and quarters for a rainy day. She knew what time her novelas were coming on and was always on time if she had to walk us home from the bus. If there is anything I miss aside from just seeing my abuelita everyday, I miss the smell of the house when she was in the kitchen cooking something delicious. My abuelita has class. No matter the circumstance, she’d show up to church on Sundays decked out in a two piece suit and cap-toe lucite pointed heels – talk about a trend setter! I named this backpack after my abuelita, Alma, because she’s a warrior in her own right – no matter how tiny she is.

The Alma backpack is simple and sweet. The buttons on the front are fun, different from one another, and lucite! Her soft blue color says that the Alma backpack is sweet, safe and gentle. The eight flowers on the front of the backpack stand for her 7 kids and husband. The Alma backpack has soul and character. She’s lived through different generations and even thought technology is a tricky thing, Alma still manages to try and figure out her Facebook page. The Alma backpack has heart and love and you should tote her around with your family, because it’s also what’s most important to her. The Alma backpack should be handled with love and care – I hope you love this teeny babe!






Meet the Julie handbag!

I’m a little biased but she’s my favorite handbag of the bunch because she’s named after my mama! If ever you see me say or do something cool, know that it’s because this woman taught me how to walk, talk, and act like a boss from day one. She may have not known it at the time, but she was my hero everyday that she walked through the door coming home from working two jobs to support us. Julie is the fighter in this collection and that’s why I chose her bag to be red. Julie is a fiery business woman and she shows up to every meeting ready to own it. I loved seeing my mom rock a sick pantsuit and briefcase. She was the real #ladyboss before the whole #girlboss thing happened.

The Julie handbag is for my working girls. Whether you’re slamming the keyboard at a 9-to-5 or staying home to raise your kids, this handbag is for the woman who defines herself as successful. This handbag is for the woman who isn’t afraid of a little hard work or bad news. She dusts herself off when she falls and she’s the shoulder to lean on when things get shitty. The red florals are the universal sign for desire, passion, love and heart. The Julie handbag is the ultimate representation of heart. I was able to personally witness this myself and I’m pretty sure I’ll hug the person that wins* this bag only because she means so much to me.

*You absolutely read that right! You can WIN the Julie handbag @ Femme Fair! There will be a raffle for the best photo posted at Femme Fair. Brownie points if you come and take a picture with me! Click here to get your tickets!

I have to end my post here by saying that I feel really lucky to have this many powerful women in my life. What’s crazy is that I merely scraped the surface to describe the kind of people I’ve encountered throughout my journey. All of these women are powerful and invigorating in their own ways and they have all contributed something to my story so far. I love that this year more than ever I have felt female empowerment from other women in my community – both personally and professionally. I know that I will only interact with more women like this in my lifetime and I really cannot wait to create more handbags and name them after more amazing women like you!

If you plan on attending Femme Fair, please make sure to stop by my booth and give me hug and thank you to everyone for all of your love, comments and shares!! <3 – Mel








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  • Julie Uresti

    Thanks for making me cry, I love them all but especially the Julie off course. Thank you for making me look so amazing, but I am not as amazing as you. I love you baby girl, God has really blessed me with not only a beautiful but also so talented girl. 👭👯❤️💋

  • yeah Sisa thanks for making me cry too…..Love you continue on your success …. love Tio Memo ” PROUD OF YOU “

  • I love the Alma backpack! I was eyeing it at the Femme Fair event you hosted. Thank you for organizing such an amazing event, Melissa!


    Berniedette |