Midnight Rambles

I’m starting this column for two reasons. 1. Because I can. 2. Because I often (more like everyday) find myself in situations where I just want to talk it out. Really dig deep and express my thoughts. Throw them out there and see where they go and who they stick to. In hopes that one day my random midnight rambles will turn into meaningful advice for even one hopeless soul. So, before I begin… Thanks for tuning in.

Tonight’s topic is going to be about how others perceive you and how you perceive how others perceive you.

How many times do you find yourself in a situation where you’re making decisions based on what other people might think of you. You won’t dye your hair green because, “oh god, Betsy joe the Office Coordinator once mentioned how inappropriate colored hair was.” But it turns out that Betsy Joe really wants to rock herself some magenta streaks and she just doesn’t have the balls guts to do it. All her life, Betsy has wanted to live on the edge. She’s always wanted to sky dive and get a lower back tattoo but was always told those things weren’t safe or acceptable. So now she’s rubbing all this horrible mojo off on you because that’s what people have always done to her… history repeating itself.

Truth is, you know what’s right in your heart. You know you’d look amazing in green hair and hell, that green hair might land you an audition for that amazing job you’ve always wanted. You just never know! Your gut, that little dude saying “hey, it’s going to be okay” is usually right. STOP DOUBTING HIM. If you feel like applying for a job you know you’re not qualified for, but you know in your heart you could do it… APPLY! Think you don’t have a chance with the girl sitting across the bar because she looks “out of your league?” C’mon. Wake the hell up and smell the roses. We are all living this amazing thing called life and if you’re sitting by the sidelines waiting to just “grab the bull by the horns” someone out there is already riding the bull laughing at you for missing your chance.

And for all you Betsy’s out there, please go hide in a hole and leave the rest of us dreamers alone. You do not dictate how other people should live. Odds are, you’re either envious, scared, or pissed off at the world and you’re sucking the life out of everyone you’re interacting with.

Moral of this midnight ramble: you are your best friend. You know what is going to bring you true happiness in life. Get out there and do whatever the hell you want – unapologetically. Date who you want. Sing what you want. Dye your hair WHATEVER color you want and tell Betsy joe to go somewhere. You are bold. You are courageous and the second you start doubting yourself, it’s the second everyone else will too! And for the record, lower back tattoos… Just don’t. GOODNIGHT! -M

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