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I decided to kick-off this column as a source of inspiration and chance to meet women in the community that work hard, take chances, and really kick ass when it comes to “making it!” Fortunately, blogging has provided me with the opportunity to meet so many young and inspiring females and I’m constantly wondering to myself why the universe took so long to put them in my path. So why keep them from you any longer, right? Every Monday I’ll feature a new face and a new desktop download. So today we’re starting with Julianne Cronin of The Wink Blog.

Tell me about yourself in 3 sentences:
Hi, everyone! I’m Julianne and I’m a Maine transplant living in the SF Bay Area. I’m a beauty, style, and lifestyle blogger and all-around badass babe! 😉

What inspired you to start blogging?
I started my blog as a way to keep in touch with my friends and family back home. Before I started my blog, I’d inundate my friends with endless tips + tricks on style and beauty – and they’re the ones who encouraged me to FINALLY start my blog! The Wink has now grown into a place where women can come for style + beauty tips, recipes, home decor inspiration, life advice, and more! My goal is to create a positive space that helps women look and feel their best. I enjoy reading blogs where I learn new things, so it is my hope that when a reader visits my blog, they leave knowing something new and useful for their own lives.

How do you deal with mean girls in the blogging community?
Mean girls: AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR YOU. Honestly though, the biggest struggle I face in the blogging world is comparing myself to others. Blogging can sometimes be a very competitve space with everyone vying for the top spot. When I start comparing myself to other girls in the blogosphere, the feelings of inadequacy creep in. When I remind myself that I, too, have value to add to the community, it doesn’t seem so intimidating. Also, taking a step back and rediscovering what I truly enjoy about blogging helps me refocus my priorities.

What are some things you wish you’d known when jumping head first into blogging?
There are a few things I wish someone told me before I started blogging:
It will be quite time-intensive, so it’s always good to take short breaks to prevent blogger bunout.
Don’t sell yourself short. Blogging is a lot of work and behind-the-scenes preparation. Be wary of companies that will try to take advantage of the fact that you’re a new blogger with a small following by getting exposure for free. Always run your blog like a business and charge what you think your time is worth. If you want it, you need to go after it. The internet today is saturated with blogs and companies cannot keep track of every single one. If you have your eye on a company that you’d love to work with, reach out to them!

What are some style or beauty tips that you swear by?
I swear by investing in quality, classic pieces that last. I think that every outfit starts with a beautiful foundation of a perfect-fitting bra and undergarments. I believe that your hair should be your crowning jewel, and you should invest in quality cuts, colors, and haircare. Pick a skincare routine that works for you and stick to it. And remember to have fun and experiment with makeup – it washes off, after all! 😉

With social media taking over just about every aspect of our lives, how to you balance staying connected and disconnected from social media outlets?
I try to pick only a few social media outlets and focus on those. My favorites are Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Honestly, I never got into Twitter or Snapchat – and don’t even get me started on Periscope! Kids these days… I can’t keep up! I especially feel that Instagram is the perfect social media outlet for bloggers, and it’s the one I spend most of my time on.

If you had an unlimited amount of money & power, what would you do to change the world?
I think that a lot of young girls could use some positive female influence to help build their self-confidence. I’d like to find a way to help these girls grow into leaders and all-around badass babes of the world!

Lastly, tell us how you plan to stay a kick-ass #girlboss until the end of time?
I hope to keep empowering women and building a positive community through my blog! I plan to live every day with intention and be the very best version of myself as I can be. I believe in finding the joy in what is around you, in your family and friends (however far away they may be), in good food and good places, and in your own surroundings. I’m thankful for my little corner of the internet to share the things I love and proud to be a part of a community of bloggers doing the same.

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A huge thank you to Julianne for being our first #MondayMuse! If you know a girlboss who absolutely excels at life and deserves the crown – be sure to comment below!

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