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And just like that, a beauty collaboration is born! If you’re a long-time MELSANV.COM follower, you’re no stranger to Nikol Elaine’s makeup artistry. Nikol is an amazing friend and her passion really fueled this entire project. After scarfing down eggs, toast and coffee at brunch one day, Nikol and I started talking about different beauty looks and all of these amazing ideas began to rush into my head. Some time ago, I did creative direction for a Florida-based marketing company and left to pursue my dreams in SF. Although, that fire in my heart for making things come to life, putting together the pieces of what I envision in my head, is still very much burning. Putting together ideas with Nikol made me realize that I’d been missing this little piece of my heart all along.

So, we did it. Nikol, Luis and I put together an entire day of shooting beauty looks for Nikol’s portfolio. I had this vision for Stacey (our model and travel blogger behind Stacey Ann Loves) of images that looked like they’d been pulled straight from a Bohemian dream. Stacey’s style is so bright, airy and boho – I just couldn’t help myself. I have never sweat, laughed, or have been more excited in one day in all of my life (everything came together like a miracle to make all of this work)! Stacey wore a beautiful vintage wedding dress and Nikol went with a bright and fresh makeup look to match. I don’t think I am over how much I love these. I’m not over them now. I’m not over them tomorrow. I’m not over them EVER. Luis captured everything I was looking for in this look. Between the angles and lighting – he seriously nailed it. I’ll stop blabbing and let you get to the good parts. We have a few more of these coming up and I CANNOT wait to share them with you.

A crazy special thank you to all who were involved in this project.







Makeup Artistry: Nikol Elaine
Creative Direction: Melissa San Vicente
Photography: Luis Omar Landestoy
Model: Stacey Ann
Dress: Vintage
Floral Crown: The Petal Company
Makeup Products: The Balm Cosmetics

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  • Stacey looks BEAUTIFUL and these photos are everything! Killin’ it!!!