NYFW Recap: Better Suited


For the last segment of my NYFW Recap, I wanted to share my last day in NY and ultimately about taking chances for yourself. Christina, Stacey and I planned our trip MONTHS in advance. We were excited to have been invited to so many shows and to have made so many incredible connections. From the brands we were featuring during our trip, to bloggers who traveled from other cities and more – going to New York Fashion Week was so memorable for all of us. Keep reading to find out more about my spur-the-moment change and my last day in NY.










This is the dress. This is THE DRESS!!!






We had all planned to leave NY on the same day (since our itinerary was planned months in advance) but we’d never imagined we’d make so many cool connections. And with those awesome connections came opportunities to attend one more show – the Michael Costello SS16 show to be exact. I’ve always loved Michael’s work. He’s designed dresses for major celebrities and his work is BEYOND anything I could fathom wearing to work (we’re talking red carpet, serious Met Gala/Grammy business here people). For me, his pieces speak to a woman’s body and confidence with sky-high dress slits and details that make you do double-takes.

So back to my story – Stacey and I decided to take a risk and change our flights as the last moment (Christina couldn’t stay but she was so sweet and supportive of our cool opp). I knew we would never get an opportunity like this again and knew I’d hate myself for not taking the leap. So we jumped and the rest is history! We of course had nothing to wear, nor did we have a place to stay for the night. That day truly goes down as one of those moments in my life I will truly never forget. Getting ready for this major show with only hours of time between changing our hotels and dropping off our luggage, I can’t even believe we made it on time! Talk about learning to apply lashes in a hurry and sewing your pants in the Uber – I think I learned a trick or two that I can totally apply somewhere down the road.

We finally made it to the show with minutes to spare and were in awe. We spotted so many celebs and major bloggers that we love and follow. I even remember at one point going up to a lady I didn’t know and saying “OMG! I love your outfit” only to wait for the her to look up and realize it was Cat Sadler. LOL. Every part of networking that day made so much sense as to why I do this and really made me believe in the whole “right place, right time” thing.

Soon the lights cut off and the show started. Every dress that came down the runway had me frozen. I was in charge of taking pictures for our blog recaps and had such a hard time focusing. I was instantly stunned when my dress, the dress that belongs in my life and was made for me (thanks, Michael lol) came down the runway. It was white, beaded, mermaid like and beautiful with every detail. I was so excited to have gotten a shot of it! We ended up going backstage after the show and spoke with some of the makeup artists from NARS, got to hang with the star himself (Michael Costello) and got to meet a ton of really cool people in the industry that I will cherish forever.

All in all, our expereince was incredible. I learned so much about myself and was so in the moment at every moment. It was the first time in a long time that I felt I was taking a risk on myself, really putting myself out there and out of my element and I enjoyed every second. I’m so thankful to the brands for supporting our cool project and thank YOU guys for following along. I hope my story inspires you just a little to take a risk on yourself every so often and don’t regret a thing.

– M

Jumpsuit, Bag: Hoss Intropia / Platforms: Aldo / Cross-Body bag: Polanco Nude by House of Borel

Outfit photos taken by Stacey / show photos taken by me.

A HUGE thank you to House of Borel and Michael Costello SS16 for having us at your show!

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  • GORGEOUS! I’m obsessed with this outfit and these photos! 🙂

    • Melissa

      Thank you, Thank you, Thank you my pretty!!! <3