NYFW Recap: Cut Out


I was 2 days into NYFW and I realized that I hadn’t packed enough outfits. Yes, two luggages and a carry-on later and there I was sifting through my bags like I was at a year-end sale trying to find a medium in a stack of extra smalls (you know you hide stuff too lol). Truthfully, I didn’t know what to expect and never imagined changing my outfit so many times during the day. So in the next segment of my NYFW tips (did you catch my 1st and 2nd recap?), I’m going to share some thoughts on what to wear and what to pack. Keep reading and let me know your thoughts so far. XO!












We were pretty lucky to be relatively close to some of the venues (and if you’re pretty new to this thing like I was you’ll have learned that NYFW is sans Mercedes-Benz this year which means their 5-year stint of being at the Lincoln center is no longer) so getting back to the hotel we were staying at was quick – which allowed us to change for different shows.

I was lucky to have partnered with yet another kick ass SF brand, StyleLend who nailed it with this Clover Canyon Cutout Dress. If you’re no stranger to this blog then you know that StyleLend is an app where you can rent and lend designer items like purses, dresses, and shoes. It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed with all of the creative fashion on the streets and with major bloggers on the scene sporting purses that cost my entire salary, I was so glad to have StyleLend on my side.

To break you out of that overwhelming rut, I’m going to help you pack and share a few hidden tips on what you can wear. Please leave any comments on tips you might have or ideas on outfits!

Be Practical: You. Will. Need. Flats. With all of the walking we did and getting in/out of cabs, you can just catch your jaw from hitting the floor when I tell you that I forgot to pack my foldable flats. #theSTRUGG I was so worried about outfits to wear that I forgot simple things like practical shoes and t-shirts to wear while we were not at NYFW. Don’t forget you’ll need to give yourself options if you happen to get downtime and getting around between shows.

Get Creative: Bring items that can be repurposed. Simple jackets or scarves that can be made into a top (yeah girl, nailed it). I brought my ASOS plunge bathing suit that I actually wore as a top under my high waisted pants in my last post. I even saw a striped button down shirt worn backwards (here) and I totally approve. Think dresses worn over jeans or sheer blouses with colorful prints underneath – you’ve got this!

When In Doubt, Just Bring It: I really wasn’t sure how crazy creative I wanted to get with my outfits so I played it safe with my shoes. I brought every black pair of heels I owned and regretted it. While being practical is important, don’t forget to also bring the colorful, patterned shoes you’ve been dying to wear but haven’t had the chance to. Push yourself to create outfits that you’ve been too scared to wear to work or outside. I saw a cool chick rocking printed socks with heels and thought it was such a different play that it totally got me thinking for next year!

Thrift Before The Mall: I was so inspired by all of the distressed and painted denim. Vintage handbags with fun updates on them like fuzzy or fringe keychains – yes HONEY. Search for pieces that are unique and stand on their own. If you have to dress an entire outfit around one piece that means the odds of you wearing it again are pretty slim. Go crazy with the accessories and handbags so that you can pop in your favorite pair of jeans and still feel like you’re.. don’t make me use it… #winning.

I hope some of these tips were helpful and inspire you to get really creative for next season. Think you’ll make it out to the February shows? – M

Dress: Clover Canyon Cutout Dress via StyleLend / Vest: Forever21 / Heels: Cathy Jean

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