NYFW Recap: Plunged


By this time of my trip, I was fully embracing all that NYFW had to offer and was learning more and more as the days went on. I’d mentioned that I’ll be breaking up my tips into segments and so far we’ve talked about New York Fashion week and what it really takes to be “invited” in my last post and now we’re going to talk about the shows and how we managed to get in the front row! So what you don’t know (and what you certainly don’t read online) is the truth behind what is and what is not possible at these shows and how to land a front row seat. Front row seating in the fashion industry is like the Willy Wonka golden ticket that gets awarded to the best and the brightest of the fashion world. The whole “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” thing could not be anymore true in this situation. Keep reading more to find out how to snag yourself a front row seat!


When you are ultimately invited to these shows, you have to not only RSVP which then confirms a “seat” for you during the show. You sometimes have to wait for a seating assignment (like b-34 which basically tells you nothing until you arrive) or you’re simply “confirmed” for the show with no knowledge of whether you’ll be sitting in an assigned seat or in standing room (also known as the back of the house and where you will literally stand for the entire show). Usually, check-in begins an hour before the show and at which time all of the ushers will get everyone with an assigned seat seated. Once everyone is seated they allow in the standing room guests to fill the back of the house. From the time standing room is let in to the moment the show starts, the frenzy begins. If ushers see that the show isn’t packed to it’s full potential, they will ask those in Standing to take a seat. They start with the back rows (leaving those seats in the 1st and 2nd rows available to those who just show up late). Luckily for us, our very first show we were granted front row seats at the Leanne Marshall show. Sitting at the end of the runway + getting front row is like going to the white house and casually seeing the president. You not only get to see the models strut their full potential to the very end of the runway, but you get the Instagram-worthy pose at the end with just enough time to snap extra detail shots.

I will tell you that there were times we were not granted front row seats but had every chance to snag great seats once the show started. The truth is that the odds of someone asking you to move to a different seat DURING the show is slim. It causes chaos and unneeded interruption – which is also highly disrespectful to the designer. The ushers are usually on the hunt for the most fashionable and poised when they’re trying to fill seats, but don’t be afraid to ask to move up if you see that the seats aren’t being filled and the show is about to start. Be respectful and wait your turn – the ushers have a lot to do during that time and it can get crazy but they will usually remember to move you if there are open and available seats. Also know that moving to a closer seat that is not yours is a privilege. If the person who is assigned to that seat just happens to get there right before the show starts, kindly apologize and go back to your original seat.

I hope some of these tips are helpful and give you somewhat of an insight to what really goes on once the curtains are opened. I have learned that it’s best to mingle as much as possible before you take your seat, too! I had the privilege of meeting so many amazing stylists, editors, bloggers, and designers. Keep your cards handy and your camera on for impromptu celebrity







Pants: H&M / Bodysuit: ASOS / Vest: Forever21 / Wrist Bling: UP2 from Jawbone

Bag: Verona by House of Borel *

* A huge thank you to House of Borel for allowing me to rock my dream bags throughout my trip. I am so lucky to have collaborated with such a beautiful team and can’t wait for next season. Stay tuned for more recaps of our collab with HOB!

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  • House of Borel loves your style! Thanks for being such a great representation of SF fashionistas.

    • Melissa

      Charlotte! Thank you so much for your sweet words. I could not have asked to work with a sweeter team than HOB. Adore you guys to pieces! -m