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Traveling to Mexico has to be one of the most invigorating trips we’ve ever taken. For me, mostly because every time I’ve ever been in Mexico it has always been to visit family. I never fully got to do the “tourist” thing and venture off on on my own. I was always really young, so exploring by myself would have been a definite “No!” Luis and I did a spur-the-moment trip for my birthday (January) and it’ll go down as the best one yet! We found a Groupon deal for and all-inclusive resort and decided to take a leap and try it. The reviews were pretty decent, the price was incredible and I’m going to share our experience with you should you ever decide to book a trip of your own. All opinions are of my own and were in no way shaped or swayed in any nature. Just a girl, new to traveling, wanting to share her experience with friends. Please read the descriptions to fully understand why we chose the score we did… some may surprise you. Enjoy! – M


















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The Room & Resort

The room was a decent size for a couple. Our balcony overlooked the beach and waking up to the sunrise really made our trip so special. The beds/bathrooms were clean and comfortable. The resort had an abundance of different places to eat, shop and magical views to see. We enjoyed the buffet the most and sitting outside in the tiki area. The resort itself is wrapped in pools and areas to just lounge and then just past that is the gorgeous water and rows of lounging chairs/cabanas. The pools aren’t heated, but when it’s 80 degrees outside and you’ve been eating/drinking all day, you hardly mind at all! The pools do close at 7pm, which we thought was odd at first but then we realized it might have been due to dinner starting and maybe for safety reasons (we couldn’t really tell you why since we never at any point felt “unsafe”)? There is hotel staff downstairs with black t-shirts reading “party staff” who got us into one of the coolest clubs I’ve ever seen. For $50 each (we had a group) we got a cab ride there (the Palazzo nightclub), VIP sectioned off at the higher level of the club and bottle service. It was worth every penny! I literally danced until I couldn’t walk anymore. We grabbed a bus back to the hotel (I’d only recommend this with a group) since all of the clubs end at the same time and the buses take the tourists back down the strip to the hotels.

The Service:

Because we chose an Adult-Only resort, you have to imagine there will be some “adults” who get carried away with the alcohol and become disturbing to the hotel service staff and guests. We were in no way treated disrespectfully at any point, but you could tell the staff sometimes had a difficult time adjusting to the various behaviors on the resort. Mix that with people hailing from all over the earth and you get a whole pack of little grumpy people. I think we only encountered this once when a server was being disrespected from a group in the table next to us and seemed distraught back and forth between tables. You have to imagine the amount of people they deal with on a daily basis.. I give them so much credit for keeping a smile!

The Views:

I will never take a Cancun postcard for granted ever again! Having our balcony overlook the ocean was the best part of the trip. I’d go out there at night and just sit and hear the waves/watch the stars. It’s so cheesy to say, but you don’t really think the water is THAT blue until you’re right there and seeing it for yourself. Take our advice and go on an excursion where you get to see so much more (set up through the hotel). It will really be worth every penny!

The Excursions:

I highly recommend an excursion through the hotel at SOME point during your trip. The cost was about $100 per person and we went on the Xenotes excursion. It included snorkeling, cliff-jumping, zip-lining, canoeing, and tubing (all safety gear and lunch are included). I’d recommend bringing water shoes and light clothes (wear a bathing suit underneath) and a waterproof phone case to capture videos and pictures (they are worth it for traveling – I used the Nudd iPhone case). I don’t think I would ever do it justice to try and describe the amount of fun we experienced during this part of our trip. I’ve never done anything even remotely close to a “life-thrilling” experience, so I’m going to just say this will be the highlight of your trip and then some. I actually learned a little during the guided tours.. hello, education! The tour guides were so kind and knowledgeable. The guy who took us said he did tours 6 days a week and for longer than 10 hours a day. He was so excited about his job and meeting new people, I would have never guessed that he’d been on more tours that day than our own. There is a photographer on staff who takes amazing pictures all throughout the excursion, but the entire package was $80 for maybe 10-20 photos. Which really isn’t that bad unless you’re like us and got awesome video footage to take home with you for free. 😉 This was my favorite part of the entire trip and I would go back to do this any time/day of the week/month/year!

The Food & Drinks

This was a tough one to rate. Mainly because we categorized two parts into one and they were both so different. For the food I have to say that the buffets were hands down the best part of the entire trip. Never once did I feel like we were eating food in a cafeteria (which has happened to us before) and the food was always fresh. I probably could have pulled my chair right up to the dessert cart and stayed there all night. The breakfast was my favorite – simply put I am a breakfast kinda girl. Luis on the other hand, could not stay away from the meats and grilled area. The variety is kind of overwhelming since there are salad bars, sushi, grilling, hot and cold appetizers, soups, main entrees, starches, veggies.. I could go on forever. But if you know what you want or what you’re in the mood for, you’re set. The drinks (alcohol) were included in our trip. I was semi disappointed in the drinks because you go on vacation to “get away” in a sense. Have a few drinks and really let go. But every sangria or pina colada tasted like juice. Luis didn’t believe me at first until he tried mine and then he decided to stick to beer the entire trip – which was smart. The drinks weren’t bad by any means (and I HATE strong drinks) they just didn’t have a lot of oomph to them. We found (through talking to other couples) that we weren’t the only ones who felt this way.

Overall Experience:

I couldn’t have asked for a better getaway. I think every couple or family should go on a trip at least once a year to experience culture, adventure and ALCOHOL. Kidding. Kinda. Have you guys stayed at an all-inclusive resort? What was your take on the whole experience?

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