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I’ve been so excited to share a little more about my wedding on MELSANV.COM! So, today, I’m taking you back to the day I said “YES” to the dress at a&bé bridal shop Dallas! I know you’re wondering why I went all the way to Dallas to get my dress. The truth is, every year we have a family reunion at my grandfather’s memorial site in Dallas, TX. And since I live so far from my family, I knew it was one of the only opportunities I’d have to have them help me pick my dress. I’m going to dig a little deep and dish on my experience with trying on my wedding dress for the first time, who was with me, what to bring to your bridal fitting and maybe even a hint into what dress I actually picked for our wedding.

Attendees: My mom, Steve, My Abuelita (aka #GRAMZ aka Alba aka ALMA), My Tia Chela, My cousin’s Amy and Monica

What to bring:
– YOUR WEDDING HEELS or just heels in general
– Spanx. Those wedding sample sizes are NO joke so any help you can get to get them on smoothly and quickly is key. I used these which are my absolute favorites!
– Strapless bra or breast petals. I personally use these which I order from Amazon and I promise I use them WAY too much. They’re just perfect for the tops you can’t wear a bra with but also can’t afford a nip slip in. (laughs)

For starters, a&bé bridal shop is so beautiful and modern inside. I’d always imagined the place I’d pick my wedding dress at to be clean and airy – and they nailed it. Going into this experience, I will say that every bride is different and that my experience and emotions really stemmed from how I grew up and what I have always known about weddings. I guess I already had this vision in my head of what I was going to look like walking down the aisle. I knew exactly what I wanted and exactly what I didn’t want. What I didn’t know was that those ideas and emotions would go right out the door the second I started to try on dresses.

My stylist, Bethany was the sweetest most gentle person. I never once felt pressured by her suggestions and I always felt like she had my best interests at heart. Time from time, she’d glance over at me and study my face as if she was going to have a test on it later. She was constantly watching my emotions and making sure that I wasn’t getting side eye from anyone. Every response was, “Yeah, GIRL!” and it made me feel like I was in a closet trying on clothes with a close girlfriend.

Bethany and I started out on one end, flipping through lace and silk, heavily beaded dresses and one after one they just felt so individual and unique. I kept flipping through the dresses imagining I’d land on the one I’d been dreaming of (something lace and definitely form fitted), just waiting for something to jump out at me. I tried on about 10-12 dresses and it came down to the final two. It was between dress #1 that I’d imagined in my head all along (unfortunately not pictured) and dress #2 which I ultimately ended up deciding on (definitely not pictured). It was time to try them on with a veil – which proved to be quite emotional for me. As soon as I tried on dress #1 with the veil I immediately became overwhelmed. Something about seeing yourself for the first time in a veil really makes things feel so real and scary. And in that moment, I panicked and felt itchy. Like I couldn’t breathe and just needed to get the dress off. I slipped out of the dress and tried on dress #2 and my outlook completely changed. Bethany added the veil and when I looked in the mirror, I just felt at peace. I felt and looked like myself and within three minutes of standing on the platform, I was down on the floor making sure I could bust out all of my wedding dance moves. It was such a crazy and interesting experience. It has proved to be one of those moments that I’ve learned a lot about myself from.

I guess I’ll never understand why I got so overwhelmed with emotion. I think it’s partly because I’d carried this vision in my head for so long that when the moment finally came, it just didn’t match up to what I’d pictured. I will 100% say that when the time comes, you have to go with your gut. Even though having my family by my side was so important to me, I was so thankful to have picked a dress that felt so personal and close to my heart. So after 10,000 pictures and getting a nod of approval from everyone in my party, we popped the champagne and picked dress #2. I am so infatuated with my dress and think about it so much these days. When I need a little extra wedding diet motivation, I lookup the photos and just stare for awhile.

I hope you guys enjoyed this mini personal post. I’m hoping to share more of my wedding festivities here really soon. Is there anything you think you’d like to see? Also, what’s that vision of you on your big day look like? I’m so curious to know!

A HUGE thank you to a&bé bridal shop for their attention to detail and support. Bethany has a heart of gold and I recommend her a 1,000 times to all Dallas brides out there! And another major thank you to my family for being by my side on a day that I will remember for years to come. It was SUCH a special experience getting to toast to my wedding dress with my abuelita and I know that my abuelito would have been so happy to be there. <3













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