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Ever since my FEMME collab with Timbuk2, my FEMME bag has seen better days. When I mean I ran that thing into the ground, it sure gave a good fight. So when I had the chance to make a custom Timbuk2 backpack before my New York trip I jumped at the chance! I will admit, having so many options put me in a creative spiral. I wanted one in every color! I even headed to SnapChat and you may have helped play a big part into the final design. Either way, I’m obsessed. AGAIN! Heading to New York was a breeze as I slipped through airport security like I owned the place. Having padded pockets where my Macbook Air just easily slips through made unpacking and packing too easy.

Luis may have caught onto my obsession, so he joined in on the fun. Today, We’re sharing our first His and Her style! We filled the gas tank, picked a few places and what you see below is the outcome. Of course, Luis wants to let you in on exactly why he loves his Timbuk2 backpack, too! He says:

As some of you may know, I’m an independent hip hop producer. I need a lot of equipment to do what I do in shows – effectively. I love my Timbuk2 backpack because it’s so comfortable. Aside from being comfortable, I’m able to fit all of my music gear in it! To name a few: my laptop, Maschine, headphones, hard drives, cables, and then some. I have been having issues with my laptop lately, so sometimes I take my desktop to shows. My Mac mini, Maschine and all the cables fit in the backpack like they were meant for each other. What I love the most is that even though I’m able to fit all of my essentials in the bag, it feels comfortable and it looks so fresh! It doesn’t look like I’m carrying a person on my back! I’m excited I had the chance to do a collab with wifey. How dope is she?




















Click here to make your own Custom Timbuk2 backpack

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A HUGE THANK YOU to Timbuk2 for awesome collaboration!

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    Love all the outfits

    • Melissa

      Thank you Jewlitas!! <3