Wise Words: Let It All Go

I’ve been working since I was 14. I’ve always had a job and even when I was between jobs, I was always looking for more work or part time work. When you go to a technical college you benefit by graduating sooner than all of your friends who chose to do a 4-year degree, but it also trains your brain to be in complete “oh sh*t” mode until you’re well into your 30’s and trying to have a normal life.

I find that I say “yes” to everything. Side jobs, pro-bono work, design help with friends, blogging, advice, you name it and I’ll probably commit or be half way done with what you’re asking by the time I say “yes!” Sure, it’s a great thing to do and has rewarded me in exponential ways, but sometimes I just feel downright tired (“tahhh-erd”). My brain is trained to juggle multiple projects at once (always making to-do lists and be on the GOGOGO) but there are days that I find it hard to disconnect or to not feel guilty for simply doing nothing.

Part of my anxiety definitely stems from being so busy all the time but I can recall a Saturday with nothing to do yet still anxious and ready for the next project. I think as I come to realize how to keep myself grounded in anxious-driven situations, it’s so important to keep a list handy of things that really make me happy. I’m slowly learning how to break away, turn my phone/computer off and learn to tune out all of the outside noise. So I’m sharing a list of things I do that completely put me in the now and allow the rest of the world to fall guiltlessly on “do not disturb” xx, M

Things to have around:
+ flowers
+ candles
+ good music
+ good scents – eucalyptus and lavender
+ tea (bigelow mint green tea)
+ snacks good (cocoa almonds or fruits)
+ snacks not so good (cinnamon sugar pita chips – YUM!)
+ ipad or tablet with iMessage turned OFF

Things to do:
+ paint
+ baths with epson salt
+ magazine clipping (think outfits and moodboards)
+ write / journal
+ yoga / meditate
+ read
+ organize or rearrange (closets, your messy hard drive or house furniture)
+ precut fruits & veggies for the week / cook a new recipe
+ at-home manicure/pedicure
+ FaceTime with friends/family for no good reason. Gossip and laugh all in your PJs and without having to leave the house
+ read your yearly/monthly/daily astrology or learn about your life path numbers
+ facial cleaning masks / hair masks (add in some cucumbers for puffy eyes!)
+ make new music playlists / browse spotify playlists you wouldn’t normally listen to.

Things to know:
+ if your friends “disown” you for not replying to their group messages = find new friends

+ if you want people to know you’re alive but not in the mood to chat, set up a custom reply message (iphone) that says “Hey! I’m alive but can’t talk right now. Taking a little R&R for myself. Talk soon!” So you don’t have to individually reply to every message/call

+ your emails can wait. The work you produce relies on the rest and relation you get during your DND time.

+ sometimes it’s okay to be selfish. You are stuck with yourself for the rest of your life. Might as well treat yourself in the best ways you know possible. Your sanity will thank you.

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  • A detox bath with Epsom Salt and baking soda (I think) goes a loooong way.. prepare to go straight to bed afterwards as this leaves you exhausted! I think it has something to do with the body getting rid of all the toxins ..

    • msanvicente

      Carms, this is perfect! Thanks so much for sharing. 🙂